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It’s been awhile since I’ve posted about my life and all of the above, but it’s been a really busy summer for me. Not only did I get the chance to visit the motherland, I’ve gotten the chance to finally meet and spend time with my dad’s side of the family.

From zip lining to banana boating, I’ve definitely had my fill on Philippine tourism. 

After my short six week vacation to the Philippines, I indulged myself to another vacation to paradise. I went on a one week all inclusive vacation to Cuba with the boyfriend, and might I say, I came back refreshed and ready to face the challenges waiting for me back home.

Summer isn’t over yet. Therefore, there’s still more adventures to go on and things to do.

Happy Summer to all.


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The Ultimate Filipino Experience

So here goes ladies and gents. My first impression of the first day of my 30 day vacation to the wonderful soil of my motherland. 

I touched down yesterday afternoon after a delayed flight from hong kong international. As soon as I got our of the plane, I could feel the humidity… at that point here I was in my shorts thinking ” oh LJ, I’m going to die of a heat stroke”. I was literally sweating from head to toe, but luckily, my body is adjusting to the temperature change. Finding my luggage was in itself another hour of my life used and abused. 

Meeting my dad after eight long years was natural, not the awkward moment I thought it would be. The ride back to the province was LONG; it took about 2 hours to get out of Manila alone, and another 3 hour ride to the province. 

I’m glad that my body time clock has adjusted very well, and that I have not experienced jet lag.

Today is actually my dad’s birthday and we went to Our Lady of Manaoag Church to go say a few prayers and light a couple of candles. 

All in all, no mosquito bites so far, no sun burn, no arranged marriages (lol!), no kidnappings, or dog bites. Although, I still can’t get used to the lovely people of the Philippines saying “ma’am” and people feeding me left and right -.-“. 

Until next time folks. 

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i just adore this song from the princess and the frog.

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